Pick of the Litter
P.O. Box 1994
Hiram GA 30141

Pick of the Litter is a non-profit, volunteer-based, no-kill animal rescue organization in the Metro-Atlanta area. The majority of the animals in our program are pulled off of death row from local county shelters. We rely completely on donations from the public and our minimal adoption fees.

Our dedicated group of volunteers wants you to know that in order to get a "Pick of the Litter" you don't have to buy a pure bred dog for thousands of dollars. You can adopt a Mangey Mutt or Scraggle Cat! Approximately, 90,000 dogs/cats are killed in the metro Atlanta area shelters a year. Not only will you be saving a life if you adopt, but you will be adding your own "Pick of the Litter" to your family! And since no Mangey Mutt or Scraggle Cat is exactly the same, you will have your own, unique, one-of-a-kind pet!

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Pick of the Litter was formed to assist in saving the lives of Georgia animals in need. Our initial focus was primarily on pulling pups and kitties from local kill shelters, providing vet care, foster homes and doing adoptions. Over time, the number of animals that were 'unadoptable' grew significantly. Pick of the Litter has shifted gears slightly. Our focus is still very much on saving the lives of animals in need, but the primary goal now is to provide permanent homes for them here instead of soliciting adoptions. We are not eliminating adoptions, we are just shifting our focus to the reality of long term care with adoptions being secondary. We will still be featured on Petfinder and maintain the Pick of the Litter website with adoptable animals.

We have relocated to a better facility to be able to accommodate the ever growing numbers of life timers in our program. Our goal is to give the animals an open, happy, healthy environment to thrive, grow and fully enjoy their lives here. The new facility is located on almost 9 acres with 4 separate fenced areas to give them ample space to run and play.

Pick of the Litter will continue to target the 'mangey mutts and scraggle cats' that no one else wants. We will be pulling more elderly and special needs dogs from the kill shelters to retire here.

Pick of the Litter also participates in rescue transports. These transports help animals in need get from the shelters to their new foster homes, vets , rescue groups and permanent homes.

In addition, we do short term fostering for other rescue groups that need safe places for their animals to stay while getting ready for transports. Many of these animals have to travel hundreds of miles to their new homes. Please continue to support Pick of the Litter in our efforts to make a difference for Georgia animals in need. 

Pick of the Litter
P.O. Box 1994 / Hiram, GA 30141
Adoption Fees:
Dogs $150
Cats $95

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